Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Snow White, Top-It, Lamb Chop

Yesterday I got the opportunity to look in on the dress rehearsal for Snow White, a Dunham School production which will premiere on Friday evening at 6:30 at Wilson School. Here's a photo of our cast in rehearsal at Dunham:

Tonight's homework is to play "Top-It" at home. We played it at school this morning and on previous days. You can use ordinary playing cards. I called this same game by another name, War, when I was a boy. I like this name better. Here's a photo taken after our in class game. Jackson won.

Lamb Chop and Archy came home with me today. Here they are in my bag awaiting departure to Sebastopol.

We'll hear from Archy how his visit with Lamb Chop went.

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