Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday, November 29, 2010

Let's see...

Here's the news summary for today.

We visited the book fair this morning after the school assembly. Students came up with a "wish list" of items they saw. We had a math lesson introducing the "minus" sign and the idea of subtraction.  Four kindergartners passed significant milestones, there's a puzzle, and some news.

See for yourself:

Five blocks
take away four blocks equals one block.

Milestone one: Hannah lost her first tooth.

She got a pencil and a tooth necklace for the tooth.

Marley's day and we rode bikes in clear wintry weather.

Milestone Two: Bailey learned to ride on two wheels.

Milestone Three: Rebecca learned to two wheel too!

What's the missing Soundabet?
On a slip of paper, write down the missing Soundabet along with your name and bring it to school. If we get a dozen correct answers we'll have a dozen extra minutes of choice time inside to use the beads, blocks, Legos, and stuff.

Milestone Four: Justin showed the class he knows the whole Soundabet. Tomorrow Samantha wants to do the same. Samantha won a poster at the Book Fair this morning.

And the news. Wednesday we enter a new month, December. We also begin the longer Wednesday school day. Kindergarten will dismiss at 1:20. Please come promptly as I have parking lot patrol that starts at 1:30 and I cannot serve that duty until all kindergartners have been picked up.

By coming promptly, you can avoid the aggravation of the traffic jam that often occurs in our parking lot at dismissal!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Gurney, It's Alyssa, I too would like to say the whole Soundabet to the class. I think I know it and I'am ready.

Dan Gurney said...

Hi, Alyssa. Okay! Do want to do it on Wednesday? We've got Samantha on deck for tomorrow.

Steven said...
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