Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday, November 5, 2010

Here's the news. I took a large-format photo of the news. It should enlarge when you click on it. Read it to your child. Notice that I've drawn a box around the Soundabet sounds in this message—except for the "ay" sounds which I underlined.

I didn't underline all of the "ay" sounds. One is not underlined. If your child can find the "ay" that I didn't underline, and he or she (with your help) is the first to leave a comment saying where my underlining of "ay" is missing, he or she will get to play the drums Monday morning at music......

Here's the photo of the news:

You may wonder what "tray math" is.

It's a game—with many variations—that employs observation, probability, and counting skills. We introduced a couple of variations today. Here's one way to play "tray math:"

Put a number blocks of two colors on a tray.

Cover the blocks so they cannot be seen.

Covered up

Without looking, remove one block and hide it.

Remove cover. Figure out what color block is missing.

Yep. Now, explain how you knew.
For some students this was too hard; for others, too easy. Play at home using whatever materials you have at hand. Optimize the level of difficultly by increasing or decreasing the number of items as appropriate for your child.

We did many other activities, of course. The morning, the week, flew by.
We went out for PE and got some practice with basketballs.

And came back to class for some Monster Squeeze and dancing and plan-do-and-review time.

Have a great weekend.

For parents:
P.S. I'll be doing report card assessments on Monday and Tuesday and the student teachers, Miss Roach in particular, will be "taking over." I have every confidence in her that it will go well.

For teachers:
P.S. Stay tuned over the weekend for a post about how to keep balance in your life so that you're still loving your work thirty-some years into your career. This is a plan, not a promise.


Anonymous said...

hi Mr. Gurney,
I found the missing soundabet, it's the last "played". See you on monday. Hannah Kistenmacher

Ryan Moore said...

Hi Mr Gurney,
I too found the missing soundabet...I second Hannah's observation..."played" in the last sentence!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Gurney,

I also found the missing soundabet! It is the word played in the last sentence. Makayla Sass

Anonymous said...

Mr. Gurney,

I found the missing "ay" right away without Mom's help.

Have a great weekend, see you Monday :)


Dan Gurney said...

So far I've got 4 responses. That's nice!!!! Hannah, Ryan, Makayla, and Justin. I think I've got four drums... we can have a band on Monday.