Monday, October 25, 2010

Rieley's Day

Here's a riddle to ask your child:

"What did the big tomato say to the little tomato as they were crossing the road?"

(Answered at the end of today's post)

Today was Rieley's day. He brought in his guitar which I tuned to an open G chord so we could play some tunes together. Then I got out a soprano ukulele that I've decided to keep around the classroom to teach students who want to make their first real music.

This is a soprano uke—the best size for kindergartners

I taught Rieley how to play a C chord and we sang a couple of two chord songs like London Bridge. He sounded so good! He made real music on a real instrument, nothing less.

He also brought in a book about Halloween which was today's story time selection.


We're studying snails. In spite of their unfortunate preference for dining on our favorite garden plants, snails are, actually quite gentle and appealing creatures in their own right. They won't bite you—gee, they don't even have teeth. They have to make do with a rough tongue.

They move very slowly. They'll give a slimy tickle if you let them walk on your hand.

Plus, if you have chickens in your garden, snails make a fantastic mid morning snack. Cool, crunchy, and high in calcium to help make good strong eggshells! Ask any happy chicken.


We're working our way through the "OA" book with words that feature that vowel digraph, OA, in each word. Hopefully you're collecting these and helping/having your child read them nightly. The idea is to teach how quickly recognize the sounds and to "blend" the sounds they see into words they can read.

 Rieley's snack was fantastic. Spiders, eyes, spooky sandwiches and apples.

Spiders for snack


Today we also sang the birthday song to Alexis as this is the day she turns 5! Happy Birthday, Alexis. She brought us cupcakes that we enjoyed at the end of snack time.

Answer to riddle:

"Hurry, little tomato, catch up."

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