Friday, October 15, 2010

October 15, 2010

The week flew by. Today was Makayla's day. We practiced writing the numeral 2 for the number books that we're doing. Lots of the students find it a challenge to write the 2, so if they're hankering to do some homework, you could ask them to write a bunch of 2's.

Our daily news

The celery we dunked in red and blue colored water yesterday looked quite different. You can see how the red food dye especially went up the stalk to the leaves.

Water travels inside plants

The end of the day came up so quickly I didn't think to pick up my camera until just a few minutes before going home.

Plenty of free parking

Jaden and Zander made a garage for 41 hot wheels cars.

A real machine is fun to use.

Pedro worked the pasta machine for a long time. He shared the playdough with Samantha, Rebecca, Ryan, and others.

Lilly's beads
Lilly strung several strands of beads in an A-B pattern.

A child life refuge
Kids who go to the kindergarten library enjoy the quiet.

Illustrator, author
Marley and Elsa worked in the library all of choice time.

Legos without directions encourage creativity
Hudson, who will be away next week, worked on his own original Lego design. Nice work, Hudson!

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