Thursday, October 28, 2010

News/KIDS Club/Halloween

Samantha was the person of the day today. We finished this set of centers today and will begin a new set on Monday. We went into the garden and finished our art project for the PTO fundraiser.

Today was the fiftieth day of the school year. The class is all settled in now.

Tomorrow some of you will get a note about the "KIDS Club." KIDS Club stands for Kindergarten Increased Daily Schedule. It is our afternoon kindergarten intervention service designed to provide a bit of a boost academically for the students who need it. If you get the note, please sign and return it. If you have any questions, please talk to me early next week.

We'll begin this KIDS Club next week on the day after the Walk-a-Thon, Thursday, November 4.

We're edging ever closer to Halloween.

Tomorrow morning our room parents will be putting on a wonderful Halloween party. Dismissal, as usual, is at 11:45. Kindergarten students are invited to return in costume for the costume parade after lunch.

If you wish to do that, plan to return about 1:20 in costume, ready to go. The parade will begin at 1:30. (Please note that if it is raining the parade will be shortened a bit and travel only from classroom to classroom.)

How 'bout them Giants?

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