Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday's News

Sorry for the late post! I was at a candidate's forum tonight and just got home.

Anyway, here's the classroom news from today....

See if your child can "read" this poem. The word "read" is in quotes, because they're memorizing this little poem. Reciting a poem from memory is NOT the same thing as reading it. But it can help when beginning to read to memorize a poem like this and then begin to look more closely at the sounds of the words and slow down enough to see the sounds on the page. When I was a little boy I did the same thing in Sunday School. I would look in the hymnal and study the letters on the page to a song I'd already learned by heart and compare the letters I saw to the words I was singing. It's a good way to learn to read, and I am quite certain that many generations of Americans before me used it to their advantage.

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