Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday, October 18

Another day flew by. Today was the 42nd day of kindergarten. Marley was the person of the day:

I underlined the Soundabet sounds.

Our eucalyptus collection has now grown to 4,200—that's 42 bags of 100 carefully counted eucalyptus fruit. I think we'll keep it going until we reach 5,000. That's a pretty big number!

We introduced a new math game called "Roll and Record" that will give students practice writing numbers and keeping records.

Here's a final look at the red-dyed celery leaves:

Tomorrow we will have a special lesson taught by Dr. Maryann Nichol the professor in charge of the student teachers from Sonoma State University.

I met with our room parents this afternoon. We're planning the Halloween party. Watch for their note about it as well as a sign up sheet to assist with the donations and supervision.

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