Monday, October 11, 2010

Ivan's Day

Today is our 37th day of kindergarten. It was Ivan's day to share and bring snack. He brought a book and some snack.

When we got back from the school assembly we started a new set of centers.

Inside this block of ice two plastic dinosaurs are trapped.

Working in the reading workbook

A math game using coins

Studying fish

Doing leaf rubbings

Pedro learned to ride on two wheels today.

Our eucalyptus fruit collection grows to 3600.

I found out about a kindred spirit, a male kindergarten teacher named Eric Ord who teaches up at Whited Elementary School in Santa Rosa. Like me, Mr. Ord loves teaching and he loves the ukulele. He even teaches his class to play ukulele together. I'm going to make contact with Eric in the hopes of doing something similar here at Dunham.

Mr. Ord was profiled in the Press Democrat yesterday. If you're interested in reading about him go to Pied Piper, Mr. Ord.

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