Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Flowers and Cupcakes

Today was the 39th day of the school year.


We're nearing the quarter mile mark of this school year. It's passed so quickly that I can hardly believe it. Maybe it's because outdoors it feels like summer, not fall. It has been H-O-T.

We enjoyed our Wednesday schedule today. Wednesdays are sweetened by a visit with our third grade buddies and by singing with Andrew.

I'm proud of my third graders who read so well.

Our day was busier than usual.  Today we celebrated the birthday Cameran and Mr. Gurney share. There were flowers and cupcakes, songs and birthday books. Simple, warm feelings of happiness.

Yep. Cupcakes, a gift from Cameran, my birthday buddy.

Tonight's "homework" is to read the Introduction to the second of four Mathematics at Home book. Here's part of what it says in the introduction:

"Do these activities with your child, but continue to use favorite activities from Book 1.

Always remember to let mutual enjoyment and interest set the tone, pace, and level of involvement for any of these activites. The idea is to discover the fun of doing math. You can vary the numbers in the activities to suit your child's needs."

You do not need to return this book.

Book 2 Keep it nearby and use frequently

In fact, I hope you'll keep Book 2 together with Book 1 and put them both in a place where you will use them every day. Our math program is called, "Everyday Mathematics" for a good reason. We want the our math lessons to be used and useful. We want the math to be practical and practiced everyday.


Michelle Stewart said...

Danny and I have been practicing math in the mornings by playing "I Spy" on the way to school. For example, I Spy the number 5. I Spy 3 green things. We also use it with shapes. He really enjoys it. I'm happy that everyday he comes home with many good things to say about school! You are a blessing in my child's life - thank you so much for all you do!! Michelle Stewart

Dan Gurney said...

Hi, Michelle, How wonderful that you're using the books as intended. Enjoyment is key.

My dad was a mechanical engineer and he quite naturally engaged me and my siblings into the world of numbers. People who are good at math tend to talk about numbers as if numbers are friends almost. That's one reason why, I think, kids of people good with numbers so often grow up to be very good at math themselves.

Anonymous said...

Ryan and I always read the blog each night before he goes to bed. Tonight I asked him if he wanted to make a comment and he thought for a minute and said "I want to write Mr Gurney a thank you card". "for what I said"?? "To thank him for being my teacher and for school and oh yea, to tell him I love him" So as a parent I heard him say...he likes school and is glad you are his teacher and he feels the love you share with all your students on a daily basis...thank you from me too. Ryan and Shari Moore

Dan Gurney said...

Thank you, Shari, that's really nice. Gee. That's nice.

When the kids in class feel safe and happy and are kind to one another, it makes for a great place for me to come to work, so I've long thought it was in my own best interest to look after my students well.