Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 31: Danny's Day

Mrs. Gronlund finished the first week of her take over in very good form. She's handling the class solo (with Mrs. Everson's skilled assistance, of course) and we're staying right on course. Here's her summary of the day.

She introduced the book boxes which will be there for children to use when they finish something early and have a few minutes to wait for others. In kindergarten, learning to handle materials with care and to sort things and keep order is important, and so we've got the books organized in boxes that are stored for ready use adjacent to the mat. Here's a photo of what the boxes look like.

I've been able to stay focused on my effort to tidy up the quiet room—soon to be renamed "The Reading Room" as it will be the place for students to go if they wish to read or look at books. It's a pleasant place now that it's all tidied up. Here is what the entrance looks like:

As you can see, these books are pretty well organized too. We will introduce the procedures for using the Reading Room next week. Here is what the Reading Room looks like once you get inside:

 Just out of the frame (left foreground) is a small couch.

I've got some good news——at least this kindergarten teacher thinks it's good news——to share on tomorrow's post. Stay tuned.

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