Friday, October 29, 2010


What a great Halloween it was in kindergarten today.

Room moms Sonja, Sherry, and Julie and their many helpers put on the most pleasant and enjoyable classroom party imaginable. The kids has a wonderful time and so did their teacher. One of my kindergarten teacher friends isn't allowed to spend more than 30 minutes on Halloween. What a shame! To deny five year old children the sort of fun we enjoyed today is difficult for me to understand.

Anyway, we had a fantastic time. I think I'll just show you 40 of the photos that were taken on my camera today to try to convey the fun:

Ryan's weighing his options here.

Dan, Dan, the Pasta man.

Room moms kibbitzing

Bailey's plane

Quinn's craft

Ivan's interceptor

Design and build your own imaginative flying machine

A rainbow fish?


Bluefin tuna

A ten-second lesson in the C-chord on ukulele

And we're making music!!

Sonja sewed these seat-backer trick-or-treat bags.

The Monster Mash!

First grade poetry recital

Scary snack

An apple with nuts stuck in his teeth

Halloween crafts

The parade happened after all...


Anonymous said...

This really was such a wonderful a day, we had soo much fun! It would not have been nearly as successful without all the contributions from the parents. A big THANK YOU to everyone that helped!

Happy Halloween!!

Dan Gurney said...

Thanks, Sonja. Yes. This was all about the contributions of the parents. I cannot say how happy I am to be given so much support.

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