Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday's News

Tuesday was Rielley's day and the 24th day of kindergarten.  He brought chicken salad sandwiches, grapes, and cheese for snack. We grew our collection of eucalyptus fruit to 2400. We had lessons in math, handwriting, and Soundabet reading.

Can your child read any of the words in this pocket chart? If so, leave a comment, say which ones! You can do it!

Well, not the E or the Y, they're not words, are they?

 Rielley shared a book about a library cat called Dewey.

We did a floor puzzle at the end of centers.

And we sat in our own spots on the mat!


Anonymous said...

I bought the mats for my room finally, I am using the colored side of mine, so the kids have different colored squares to sit on. I like the individual space it gives each child better than my previous carpet. The first week though, when I had a substitute teacher for one day, several kids brought pencils to the mats and poked holes in them. I was NOT pleased. The ones who did it, spent a week without squares, sitting on the floor.

Dan Gurney said...

Those mats are really great. Wait till the day (it will come) when someone vomits on the rug. No problem! Just peel away the affected square and clean it, put it out in the sun to dry. The day goes on.