Monday, September 13, 2010

Ryan Joins Our Class/Caring for Our Class

Today we welcomed Ryan into our kindergarten class. Please say hello to Ryan when you see him to help him feel at home here in his new school.

Ryan had a good first day. I liked the way he smiled when he said goodbye to his mom and dad this morning when they dropped him off in the morning.

Here's a photo of Ryan:

Here's the summary of the day. We had lots of help from the upper graders who are not going on the week-long field trip to Yosemite this week. Mrs. Grönlund and Miss Roach taught several of the lessons this morning. They are doing an excellent job!

Here's Mrs. Grönlund's summary of the day:

As you may know, students keep the classroom running smoothly. They clean up after themselves and while I know that this will come as no surprise to Montessori educators, children love to do the real work of the world.

I had several children tell me they love being "Table Chief" as I call the rotating job of passing out materials and cleaning up generally for their table group. I took this series of four photos to illustrate how one child enjoyed cleaning up after the handwriting lesson this morning.

Bailey picks up the handwriting books to carry back to the shelf.

Almost there!

A place for everything and everything in its place. 

Being responsible and doing a good job is its own reward!
It feels good to take care of our world.

As your child, "Do you like to be Table Chief?"

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