Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day #26 Samantha's Day

With apologies for a late posting (I've been really busy!!) here's a look into today's activities:

 I'm doing DIBELs assessments of basic early literacy skills.

 As they wait their turn to be assessed, 
students make things with linking cubes.
Marley made albino alpaca llama with rider. 
The rider has orange chaps, brown boots, 
and a sunburned noggin.

 Makayla made a flower.

 Justin made a T-Rex. Now I couldn't "see" it at first.

Those white cubes are his incisors; the red cubes his tongue.

How many words can your child read?
 Miss Roach taught a math game using spinners.

 Thursday means a day for bikes. 
The first full fall day gave us splendid pedaling weather.

 It was Samantha's day. 
We visited the school garden
now resplendent with harvest time bounty.

 Today's note home

Samantha and the Magic School Bus book she brought for sharing


Gina said...

Hi, I'd love to learn your math game (with the spinners), do share? :)

Gina Smith
K teacher in Hawaii.... loves your blog!

Dan Gurney said...

Hi, Gina:

The math game was simplicity itself. Spin the spinner, move your marker that many spaces. Start on start, keep going till you get to the finish.

Yet simple though it was, the kids loved it. Miss Roach made enough so they could take them home and play with family members.

Thanks for leaving a comment. I wanna go to Hawaii and play my uke there!!