Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 16: New centers, garden, but first....

But first, before we open a little window up on today's activities, a reminder for you about tomorrow.

Tomorrow is School Picture Day. Each student will sit tomorrow morning for the portrait photographer. Here's the poster announcing it:

By the way, the girl posing for the photo to the right side on this poster was in my kindergarten last year.

We started up a new round of centers today. We run these centers early in the morning so that parent volunteers can help lead them. Here's a photographic sampling of them:

One of the two math centers continued yesterday's whole class exposure and the homework activity on volume. This center used wild bird seed to fill various containers.

A second math center asked students to create patterns from natural materials collected from the school yard. We used eucalyptus fruit and leaves and small stones that are easy to find outside the back door of the kindergarten room.

A pizza cooking center that grows out of a book in our library uses English muffins as pizza dough. Add some organic tomato sauce and some freshly grated cheese and some pepperoni, and VoilĂ ! You got pizza.

Our science unit on fish continues as students are encouraged to look closely at fish and discuss among themselves what they learn through sustained attention. Mrs. Everson leads these investigations.

And we're making our first of a collection of "VoiceBox" books, a proprietary invented-at-Dunham early literacy center activity. This one features words in the "AT" family; all the words end in that sound. Please collect these books as we go along and encourage your child by offering as much help as they want in reading them. Here are what the books look like inside:

I'll save photos of the other centers till tomorrow....

Till then, remember, Picture Day is tomorrow.

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