Monday, September 27, 2010

Alexis' Day/Takeover/Homework

Today was the first day of Mrs. Gronlund's take over and she did a wonderful job. The class was humming along as they began a two week study of butterflies. Here are some snapshots I took, even though I'm supposed to make myself pretty scarce in kindergarten.

The class really performed for her. It was great.

 She's assigned some homework:
Have your child retell the story to you
using the pipe cleaner caterpillar.

 The note home.

(Click to enlarge)
Here's an example of some well-done homework.
Please note that this early in the year, especially in math,
the emphasis is on mathematical thinking and sorting, 
and not on handwriting. 

It's okay—recommended even—that kindergartners
get your help in writing down their thinking.
If you ask youngsters to do the writing, the 
unwanted result will be that homework becomes more
about handwriting instead of about math.

Unless, of course, your child really enjoys writing.


Anonymous said...

Ryan says " Ms. Gronlund was a great teacher today, she was nice and she likes me" what more can you say?? I think our children are very lucky to have such a great group of teachers. Thank you for all of your hard work!

Shari and Jeff Moore

Dan Gurney said...

Shari and Jeff, thank you for saying so!! I hope Mrs. Gronlund reads this!! She did a fantastic job, really.