Thursday, August 19, 2010

Second Day

I left my camera at work today, so no pictures.

Some highlights, with photos tomorrow:

We counted 100 eucalyptus buttons that the class picked up from the playground.

We pulled out the tricycles and the pedal driven go-carts from the storage shed. Elena shot several baskets in the basketball hoop.

We're learning the routines, especially how to work together to clean up the room really quickly.

I had a thoroughly enjoyable day with the class. It will be a good year.


Matthew said...

Well, you're a great teacher, Dan! And you now have a very good replacement for Mrs Frech, too!

I meant to comment yesterday on your "safe" blog. I wonder what your thoughts are on kids growing up today with very little chance to overcome fears or gain independence outside the protective sight of an adult - be it a parent, teacher, camp counselor, whomever.

Summer being over, it reminded me of how at my kids ages, I was running on hills, getting dirty in creeks, or riding my bike to a buddy's house.

Today, were I to let my kids do those types of things without adult supervision, I'd be demonized by society as a bad parent. Yet those are times in my life I remember very well. Some of the best and worst times (getting lost, for example), too.

But I learned a lot from being given some little bits of freedom.

Do you think society is over-protective of kids these days?

Dan Gurney said...

Matthew, thank you for this comment and this question. Your question is worthy of a whole post. So I'll answer it in the coming days as a stand-alone post.