Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday's News

Here are your conversation starters for tonight.

This is the class letter for Elena's day of sharing—

The student's names in beans are posted around the room now. Thank you Mrs. Gronlund for putting those up. As the note says here, we rode bikes. Today Alyssa and Hannah rode on 2 wheels for the first time at school. See?



It's always a special thrill to see a child learn to ride on two wheels, and today that thrill came twice. Kindergarten teachers get to witness a great many of those special moments in our students lives, whether it's losing a tooth, riding a bike, or figuring out how to read.

And talking about special moments, Jackson became a big brother over the weekend. He has a new baby sister named Sydney who came over the weekend.

We also got started in our Handwriting Without Tears workbook today.

ADDENDUM 7:00 PM or so: I just got an email from Justin who reports that he lost his first tooth this evening while eating carrots. So there you go: another special moment today. I'm telling you it's great to be a kindergarten teacher!!!!

All photos courtesy of Mrs. Gronlund who, unlike me, remembered to bring her camera to school today.

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