Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Day Photos

The first day of kindergarten is in the books.

It was a fine day. We've got a wonderful class this year and I'm excited to set out on our journey through kindergarten together.

We made a sign for the fundamental rule of my class, BE SAFE, which I hope you'll post somewhere for your child to read. Tomorrow we'll glue together signs that spell out rule #2, BE HAPPY.

Of course, mostly the children wanted some time to play and we had that, both on the bars and indoors. Here's a couple of photos of our brief time to play.

The students worked together to make towers of cardboard blocks...

Hudson put together an impressive pattern block design...

And we got everything cleaned up almost quickly enough to add some more fun play things tomorrow.

Here are photos of all 24 students in the class on the first day of school. You can see first-day jitters on some of the faces. The anxiety will lessen once they know that I really mean it when I say I want them to be safe, happy, and kind at school. You can use this set of photos to help your child learn the names of his or her classmates.


Ivan and Zander

Alexis and Hannah

Reiley and Justin

Mollie and Rebecca

Elena, Cameran, and Gavin

Samantha and Bailey

Makayla and Alyssa

Daniel, Sam, and Jackson

Jaden and Quinn

Elsa, Marley, and Hudson

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