Tuesday, July 13, 2010


This summer I bought a second-hand much-neglected canoe. It wanted someone to love it and use it. So I restored to usable condition.

I like to take it out on the Russian River.

And to local lakes.

Last Friday, July 9

I went out

on Spring Lake

for a little exercise and relaxation.

I saw Gavin and his brother out with his Grandparents on a pedal boat.

That's Gavin in the back of the boat.

It's important to get out and enjoy time with family.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summertime.


dtarca said...

I love that you restored the canoe! Dave and I LOVE second hand shops or the dumps even...its amazing what you can find and restore...Love that Gavin saw you as well. I bet that MADE his day!

Dan Gurney said...

Hi, Debbie—

Yes, I agree. It's really more fun to bring something back to life that's been neglected to the point someone just wants to get rid of it and then breathe new life into it and get enjoyment from it.

I think Gavin may have done a little bit of a double-take, like, that can't be Mr. Gurney: he's supposed to be at school.