Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pizza and Pajamas tomorrow

Tomorrow is Pajama Day. On pajama day you can send your child to school in pajamas. To help the PE teacher, please remember to include shoes appropriate and safe for playground activities on asphalt.

Does anyone have a car they'd like to have hand washed? Friday, Tuesday, and Wednesday one of our center activities is washing a car. The lower parts of your car are likely to get the most attention since most of the people washing your car will be about five years old and four feet tall. Don't expect perfection, but the kindergartners end up doing a pretty good job.

If you look at the handwriting exercise that your child completed today it will serve to remind you of the pizza party event tomorrow.

In addition, the Pajama Drive decision makers decided to award the pizza party prize to both the first grade and kindergarten classrooms. Tomorrow. The pizzas will be delivered to just before lunch, so the reward pizza can stand in as the main course in your child's lunch tomorrow.

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