Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Field Trip" to the Wax Museum

Today we walked over to the sixth grade classroom to visit the wax museum.

The sixth graders have been studying ancient civilizations this year and have learned quite a bit about some of the prominent figures from history's earliest days.

We saw figures from ancient Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Rome, and India. If you pressed the button on the figures they come to life with their stories. The stories were mostly over the heads of the kindergartners, but we learned how much fun it can be to learn in sixth grade.

 We saw Medusa,


 Egyptian queens,

 Shakyamuni Buddha, among many others.

 This event was the brainchild of the sixth grade's part-time student teacher, Elizabeth. Wonderful!

Before we left, we had a freeze-in-place contest. Of course statues in Wax Museums are difficult to beat when it comes to being motionless.

But the kindergarten was so still that at the end of a minute the sixth grade clapped for how still the kindergartners can be when they put their minds to it.

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Barbra Stephens said...

What a great day! Looks like great fun and a bit of history as well!