Saturday, April 17, 2010

Todd's Song, I Need to Say Thanks

I have a friend I met online named Todd who likes homemade music as much as I do.

He inspires me to copy him. I'll put some more of my songs up here, too. But Todd's music is too good to hide under a bushel basket, so, heeeere's Todd singing his own song, I Need to Say Thanks.



Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing Dan! thank you thank you!

Dan Gurney said...

Todd, you're welcome! Love the song.

AmyandDax said...

Love that SONG! Thanks to both of you for sharing it! My license plate says GRATFUL... and I am BIG on gratitude. Speaking of which, "I just need to say THANKS!" to you Dan for returning my e-mail about the soundabet materials. You should be expecting my order form in the mail next week! THANKS~! Amy in Vegas.

p.s. There is a song called grateful by a man named Paul Cardell who has major health problems, but a grateful heart - not to mention a special musical talent - check it out on I-tunes sometime. Very happy and uplifting, much like Todd's song.