Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Important Book: Maddison L.

The Important Thing about Maddison L. is she loves her classmates and her teachers.

Here's a picture of her page in our Important Book:

I want to thank Shelby and Madison and Jordan for leaving comments on the blog. If you leave a comment, I'll try to write you back. I love comments because it helps me know that someone's out there reading the blog.

I'll try to put up another song here on the blog by the weekend. 

(And it's good practice for you to try out reading and writing and how it works!)

1 comment:

Barbra Stephens said...

I know what you mean, Dan. comments help us, too. I actually get more comments when something humorous happens-but not everything about early childhood education is humorous.
I an a humorous person because I look for it throughout the day. But I still have to be balanced.
What I appreciate most about about your blog, Dan is that your personality really comes through. You have very strong beliefs and can hold to them without robbing someone of theirs. Children are so bright and intelligent. I never understood the arguments over right & wrong ways to educate children when there are hundreds of cultures, personalities and teaching styles that have gotten the job one for thousands of years. Sorry, I'm rambling. The Important Books you do with the families just show how different and yet the same we all really are.
Thanks you for everything, and supporting our blog, too.