Wednesday, April 21, 2010

BIG numbers continued.

We began the day by writing the number, 1,000 both as a number and, sounding it out, as a word.

THIS is what I love about teaching the Soundabet.

The kids can write a word like "thousand"  since all the phonemes in that word have been taught and (by most students) learned.

They're now getting practice writing down what they've learned about letters. This is what you want to encourage your child to do at home. Write lists, write notes, leave comments on Mr. Kindergarten. Writing will solidify what they've learned in the first part of kindergarten.

As I said, the word, "THOUSAND," is a writable word in kindergarten, a countable number, too.

To write it, they need only remember the TH in thumb, the OU in ouch, the S in soap, the A in apple, the N in net, and the D in dog. Ordinary reading programs leave out the first two phonemes, TH and OU. How can a child be expected to write and read if given a deficient set of sound/letter links to start off with? It's like giving someone hydrogen atoms without access to oxygen atoms, and asking them for H2O. Won't work, ain't fair.

Click on the photo to see how they did at 8:15 this morning writing the word for the 1,000 eucalyptus buttons we've counted.

Shelby's dad brought in her toothpick and marshmallow construction. I said, "Oh, a little help from dad, I see." But he insisted he didn't help at all. It was done entirely by Shelby and her brother, Matthew. Amazing pyramid, is what I thought. Wow.

Today was a TRIBES day. All the tribes did something connected to Earth Day which is tomorrow. My tribe, the Green Sea Turtles, worked in the kindergarten garden plot removing the remnants of our winter garden in preparation for the planting of our summer vegetables. Following are some photos as we went out in the chill midday weather.

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