Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Pasta Feed

Art Ibelto, The Pasta King

Hello Everyone!

I think you've gotten notes from the office, but just in case you're wondering....

Saturday afternoon/evening is the Pasta Feed.

I hope everyone is planning to attend.

Plan to arrive at the Petaluma Vet's Hall at 4:45. The show begins at 5:oo

Even if you can't afford to stay for the pasta or the auction or if you have other commitments for Saturday night, please plan to come to the Pasta Feed at the Petaluma Vets Auditorium Saturday afternoon. The performance is free. All classes, K through 6 will perform. Even the teachers and student teachers are putting on a little act. So, please, do plan to come.

Kindergartners will start off the show. We will perform two songs on stage, "I Am a Pizza" and "I Wanna Be a Dog."  We're almost ready.

Please dress boys in jeans and a white shirt (collar preferred) and girls in dresses.

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