Sunday, February 7, 2010

Valentine's Day Cards

Friday we'll have a Valentine's Day card exchange.

I invite your child to make (or sign) a Valentine's Card for all the classmates. There are 31 pupils in the class.

Please note: Don't have your child write their classmates' names on their cards.

If the kids had to properly deliver their 30+ cards we'll have about 1,000 correct deliveries to make, and about the same number of tears.

Could you also bring an ordinary grocery store paper bag to be used as "mailboxes" for the Valentine's Cards on Friday? You know, the bag you get when you say "Paper" when asked, "Paper or Plastic?" as you go through the checkout line. (Well, that's assuming you haven't brought along your own reusable canvas bag, as I almost always do which is why I don't have very many paper bags.)

Thank you.

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