Monday, February 1, 2010

Kid's Poetry Rhymes!

What I love about kid's poetry is.... well, it rhymes! Wasn't it Robert Frost who said the writing poetry without rhymes is like playing tennis without a net? The debate among poets in regard to rhyme reminds me, somehow, of the debate among painters about realism. Don't ask me to explain. To try would be a pain.

Anyway, without further ado, here's rhyming poem from a popular children's poet, Kenn Nesbitt:

Today I Wrote This Poem

Today I wrote this poem
but I wonder if it's good.
It doesn't have the things
my teacher says a poem should.

It doesn't share my feelings
I have deep inside of me.
It hasn't any metaphors
and not one simile.

It's missing any narrative
Alliteration, too.
It isn't an acrostic,
diamanté, or haiku.

There's nothing that's personified.
It doesn't have a plot.
I'm pretty sure that rhyming
is the only thing it's got.

It sure was fun to write it,
and I think it's long enough.
It's just too bad it's missing
all that great poetic stuff.

It put it on my teacher's desk
and, wow, she made a fuss.
She handed back my poem
with an A ++++!


jinksy said...

This is totally my world! I love it, and wish a lot more people would stop looking at rhyme as either old fashioned, or only for children. If you ask an adult whether they know a poem, ten to one it'll be a rhyming verse that's stayed in their memory. Let's hope we see a lot more in Blogland soon.

rhymeswithplague said...

I love it!

The Honorable Mention said...

(Virtual clapping)

Dan Gurney said...

Hi Jinksy, RWP, and HM,

How about more rhyming fun really soon, here on Mr. Kindergarten? Stay tuned.

Lynola said...

I like poetry
yes it's true
rhyming is the best kind
for me and you

Okay, I'm not very eloquent as the evening stretches on, but both my students and I love poetry. We learn about one poem per week...and they all rhyme! It brings out the natural rhythm of our language.

Jim714 said...

Hooray for rhyme! I'm with jinksy. When poets from the 20th century are listed in the future I bet it will be poets like Frost and Millay and other master rhymsters.


Dan Gurney said...


Thank you, thank you the rest--

I love poetic comments!!

They're the best

Dan Gurney said...

Jim, yep, I agree.
With time, we'll see.