Monday, February 1, 2010

Bean Names

Those bean names that we made last fall
Will, one by one, come off the wall,
To make some space——the room we need 
For fun new words to spell and read.

Starting February, today, we'll be taking down the bean names and replacing them with words of particular interest to the student. Breagan chose HIGHWAY PATROL (he's fond of law enforcement) which happens to be a great word from the Soundabet point of view as "hIGHwAY" employs two "Soundabets." A word like "HIGHWAY" is perfectly easy to read to almost everyone in my room. Nothing new or mysterious at all about it.

As I was writing HIGHWAY PATROL I was thinking about that first word, highway.

It took Patrick to point out that the first four letters of Patrol and Patrick look the same and sound the same.

So we had a little discussion about this. I could practically see the synapses fusing together in about a half a dozen students' minds, something like, 

"Oh, all the letters, even the ones in the middle of words, are really worth paying attention to!" 

And, to top it all off, more than one of my kids knew that 300,000 is less than half of 800,000. This rather odd math problem came up because the principal will dress up like a chicken if the school as a whole reads 800,000 minutes by the spring of this year. So far we've read only 300,000 minutes she says. We're behind schedule. 
Yes, my math whizzes answered correctly when I asked, so what is half of 800,000? {400,000 minutes came their answer without missing a beat.]
So here's the extra credit homework: how many HOURS of reading would that be? 
And why are we counting minutes? If we really must count our time reading, wouldn't it make more sense to count hours and fractions of hours? Just wondering....

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