Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kindergarten Homework: Getting it Home

Hello Kindergarten families,

I know that a few of you have experienced difficulty in getting the Wednesday kindergarten homework assignment pages home on Wednesdays.

Believe it or not, we make a strong effort to make sure the students place their homework safely in their cubbies before going to lunch. (In the shuffle that is inherent to our Tribes activities, I think some homework papers are getting lost.)

Tribes or no tribes, it's actually pretty normal for some kindergartners to lose their homework or forget to bring it home. I know that this can be frustrating to conscientious parents.

Pick up a copy here if you cannot find the original one.

To reduce frustration and increase success rate, here are 3 ideas.

  1. Consider providing your child with a special homework folder of their own choosing—their choosing it is vital to the success of this idea—and send it to school each Wednesday. If your child have their own "cool" homework folder in which to transport homework, he or she is much more likely to keep track of homework papers.
  2. Check with your child before leaving for home on Wednesdays and ask to see the homework paper. If it cannot be found, you can pick up one of the extras I keep by the door.
  3. From now forward, I'll try to post the homework assignment here on the blog on Wednesdays,

Finally, please bear in mind that in kindergarten it's okay to bring homework in a day late, should you forget. At this point in the year, while I do record whether it's been done or not, I don't penalize homework turned in late.

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