Thursday, January 28, 2010

100 Toy Cars

Wednesday was the 100th day of the school year. We celebrated it partly by bringing in collections of 100 objects. One of the activities was to count the collections brought in.

Jacob brought in 100 toy cars. To count them, I got out cardboard mats printed with 10 circles on them. Arranging 10 of them in the familiar double 5 domino pattern in the middle of our green mat (to emphasize the tenness of the cards) we proceeded to place the cars, one by one in their circles on the cards.

It came out right. Jacob had brought exactly enough cars to fill each circle on each card with no leftovers.

Here's a picture:

Is it just me, or do the boys look more interested in this activity than the girls?

The cars are all inverted because of their tendency to roll off their parking places.

Now as I write this, I wish I had asked the obvious next question: How many wheels were there? No doubt the first answer to come would be 400. I have more than a few kids who would be able to figure this out. And my deepest thinkers might even go far enough to consider the possibility that there might be a vehicle or two in the collection that has more than 4 wheels.

If your child is in the class, I encourage you to ask the question that didn't come to me until now. I invite you to leave a comment, especially if you get an answer that shows your child's deeper understanding of numbers.


The Honorable Mention said...

I love this....all the cars have the tendency to roll off the their parking places, huh?
Looks like there is a tendency for more boys then girls to "roll off their parking places" during this activity.
Great math activity, Dan! I love to see kids get excited about math!

Dan Gurney said...

We've got some really good thinking about numbers going on in kindergarten this year. Our math program, Everyday Math, is the best I've used in my whole career. It really gets kids thinking about and using numbers.

The Honorable Mention said...

I hope you'll keep us posted. We'll be watching.