Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Planting Trees

We spent the morning yesterday planting trees along a creek near our school.

At the opening we were given instruction in how to plant a tree.
Planting trees ought to be on every school's scope and sequence.

The trees will restore health and diversity to the creek and the many life forms it supports: fish, mammals, birds, reptile, amphibians, fungi, grasses, trees, and shrubs.   The trees will shade the water in the creek. The shade will cool the water and help to keep it from evaporating. The trees roots will help hold the soil in place; erosion will slow.

Patrick clears away the grasses to prepare the ground for digging a hole.

Our project gave us all and opportunity to work cooperatively in the pleasant late autumn morning sun.

By noon we had planted our whole day's allotment of trees; I'm told that we work more quickly than many schools. Focus and concentrate: that's one of my  sayings. We finished two and a half hours ahead of schedule. We had lunch by the creek on the ranch. By midday, we headed back to school.

It was fun to go back to kindergarten and teach without lesson plans—just winging it like a trapeze artists without a net.

Many thanks to Mrs. Buckner for egging us all to get involved and to Lorette over at STRAW (Students and Teachers Restoring A Watershed) for organizing our event.

The closing circle. Lorette, the original STRAW teacher sums up our day's efforts.

By the way, I totally forgot about preparing homework for tonight. Your child didn't forget; I forgot.

Ah well, it was Book Fair Night. I wasn't able to attend, as I had a meeting with the Mayor of Sebastopol to congratulate her on her election to a rare second term as Mayor of our town.


Kerri Petersen said...

Oh good, I was hoping to see some photos. Do you have any others that might include Dylan?

Dan Gurney said...

Hi, Kerri--

I took only 6 photos. The 3 not shown here are very similar (almost twins) of the 3 shown on the post. None of Dylan.

The Honorable Mention said...

One generation plants the trees
the other gets the shade...
~Chinese Proverb