Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Love and Teaching

Over on my other blog, Mindful Heart, I've made the online acquaintance of some educators and their fellow travelers. steven, a Canadian sixth grade teacher writes a blog, the golden fish, which I enjoy reading. Today Jenny Stevning left a comment that included a quotation from Krishnamurti that I want to share here with my fellow educators.

It's about love. Love resides at the heart of all good teaching. Love calls educators to their profession.

Here's the quote:

"Now, how is love to come into being? Surely, love must begin with the educator, the teacher. If, besides giving you information about mathematics, geography, or history, the teacher has the feeling of love in his heart and talks about it...if in his conversation, in his work, in his play, when he eats, when he is with you or by himself, he feels this strange thing and points it out to you often, then you also will know what it is to love."  —Krishnamurti

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What I teach about reading and writing and numbers will be soon forgotten.

The activity at the edges of the formal curriculum will endure longer.

What matters more than math, reading, and writing is how I respond to a bicycle crash on the playground, how I listen to a child who's not getting along with others, the interest I show when a child finds a snake in the grass. All these and much more were part of my teaching in the past two days.

And, I would like to add, that a child's first—and most important teachers—are his or her parents and family.

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The Honorable Mention said...

It is very difficult to do what we do without the support of the families. Without them we are all just really guessing at the next steps....
I'm an, "ask-for-directions" type of person.