Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Kindergarten Handshake

I like to see kids celebrate each other's successes, so I don't frown upon a pat on the back, a "high five" or just a hug of congratulations passed between students in moments of sympathetic joy.

But lately, we've seen hugs devolve into friendly wrestling matches. I've seen some high-fives that are more like very vigorous hand slaps. (Not that I'm so old that I cannot remember the delight I took in wrestling when I was five years old—I remember really enjoying friendly wrestling, especially with my dad! Are boys so different from puppies in this way?) But enough's enough, so we've developed a Kindergarten Handshake.

Tonight's homework is to teach the handshake to a family member.

It has 4 parts. Parts One and Three are the same: the ordinary, familiar handshake. The whole thing goes like this:

Part One: Regular handshake


Part Two: Soul Brother's handshake


Part Three: Back to the regular handshake.... and


Part Four: Thumbs up!


Lynola said...

I like this idea. I also have some over-enthusiastic hugs which almost bowl people over. Maybe I will steal your idea. Thank you!

Dan Gurney said...

Steal away!

The Honorable Mention said...

That's really cool, Dan! Thanks for the post! keep those neat ideas coming!

Dan Gurney said...

Thanks, Barbra. The ideas seem to come mostly unbidden, but when they arrive I'll try to post them here.