Friday, December 11, 2009

Important Book

Over the next weeks, I'll send home this soft briefcase with "Traveling Todd," the blue dog, along with a book by Margaret Wise Brown called Another Important Book as well as a blank book for you to add a page about your child.

The kit looks like this:

And inside you'll find guidelines for filling out a page about your child:


 I wrote a little bit about myself to get the ink flowing.

The important thing about Mr. Gurney is that he treasures children just as they

Mr. Gurney first taught young children in 1967, forty-two years ago. He treasured
them then; he treasures them now.

When he’s not teaching school, Mr. Gurney enjoys being home in Sebastopol with
his wife and their friends. He doesn’t have a TV at his house. He finds time most
days for reading, cooking, playing music, and taking walks around his town and
country. His favorite getaway is pretty close to home: Tomales Bay where he
enjoys kayaking and sailing his Laser sailboat.

But the important thing about Mr. Gurney is that he treasures children just as
they are.

If you wish to write your contribution ahead of time, it will help keep the book moving from one family to the next quickly.

In the past I've shared the pages of the Important Book here on Mr. Kindergarten. You can see what those look like by clicking on the "Important Book" label on the sidebar.

I'd like to know how you feel about doing that again this year. Leave a comment if you'd like to weigh in.


dtarca said...

I so hope your class is receptive to the Important Book this year Mr. Gurney. I so missed that with Nicky's class. It's a wonderful way to get to know a child other than what we 'see' each day and it makes them feel so special. As I remember that was a HOT item at one year's silent auction Pasta Feed. C. Holden snagged Brandon's K class. I know where she lives though :)

Anonymous said...

We just looked back at the pictures you took of the Important Book from 2 years ago. We are so grateful that you took pictures of each of the pages that year. It was so much fun to read them! Can't wait to do this again.
The Foxes

Ps - The snowflakes are really nice!!

SEverson said...

I love the Important Book. Looking forward to it this year.

Dan Gurney said...

Hi, Debbie...

I missed it too! I was thinking (wrongly I now believe) that people would not like the Important Book due to privacy concerns. Gee in our day of Facebook and Twitter it seems silly to worry about something like the Important Book.

Dan Gurney said...

Hi Amy and all. Glad you like the Important Book.
I'm looking forward to it this year, too.

Anonymous said...

The important book is so important for the proud kids and I as a parent loved "bragging" about how important my child was to our family and everyone! I have Max's class book (yes I paid for it at a silent auction, but priceless to our family). The kids love to look back at their friends they started their Dunham journey with. Lisa Poncia