Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday Happenings

We had quite a festive day.

First of all, it was pajama day. Just about all of us came in our pajamas. But so did many other classes. Mrs. Wilding said that pajama day is our most successful spirit day. I would agree. The whole school seemed to take part.

We tied with first and third grades for having the most people participate by coming to school in their pajamas.

On top of pajama day, we had the opportunity to meet with our fifth grade buddies. They read to us.

In some cases, the kindergartners were reading to their buddies. It was fun for me to see the fifth graders so impressed by kindergarteners' reading abilities that some fifth graders literally raised their eyebrows!

Right after fifth grade buddies, we went next door into the community room to see the sixth grade class perform Sombrero for Santa, which, for decades has been the holiday play directed by Sra. Shimada.

And right after the play, we visited the fourth grade classroom which had been transformed into a Native American Museum. They shared their impressive projects and knowledge.


Corinne said...

Followed by skate night, no wonder i had a tired girl! Thanks for the post. Shelby loves her 5th grade buddy!

Dan Gurney said...

Hi Corinne,

Thanks for checking in. Yes, Shelby loves her first grade buddy, and just about everything else about kindergarten from what I can tell. She's a real trouper in kindergarten. She gives school her all, so if she's a bit tired (and grumpy, if I'm reading between the lines, here) there's good reason!