Thursday, December 10, 2009

20 Soundabet Masters!

The class I have now is setting new records——at least for me——in Soundabet mastery.

I have 29 students in my class, and 20 of them have mastered the Soundabet in uppercase letters. Many have mastered the Soundabet in both upper and lowercase as well as being able to read all 40 of the Soundabet guide words at the bottom of the cards as well. A number are working to master a list of 100 words from a Scholastic Flash Card set. This is a reading/writing group of students. Not that many years ago I was pleased when only 4 students had mastered the Soundabet by the winter break.... We've come a long ways in teaching literacy in kindergarten.

I'm pleased.

This afternoon one of the students called me "The King of Kindergarten."

I told her, "If I'm the King of Kindergarten, then you're the Princess."


Barbra Stephens said...

Wow, The King of Kindergarten,
I guess on more Mister for you, huh?
'Creative Sparks' all over the place...
Kudos to you and your inspiration....the kids.

Dan Gurney said...

Mr. is fine with me. I know that there are plenty of other masterful kindergarten teachers out there in this world...I don't think I'm unusually talented.

The Honorable Mention said...

There ARE plenty of talented teachers...but your kids will only have ONE kindergarten teacher. They are not comparing you to anyone else.
Thank you for being the most talented you, you can be.
We noticed.

Dan Gurney said...

Well, thanks. I do try to show up and pay attention to the kids each day and respond to them appropriately as I can.