Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Spelling Curriculum for Kindergarten

I got a question from one of the parents whose child is interested in working on her spelling. She has an older sibling who has spelling words to learn each week and she wants to be part of the picture at homework time. She wrote, "She wants to feel like she's just as brilliant and important. At the same time, I hesitate in wanting to avoid drilling her with that type of curriculum at Kindergarten. What is your opinion, or what is a good guideline for age appropriate words for her?

I'd like to share my response to her question with everyone here:


I've come to believe the best guide is the learner herself. That takes care of the motivation factor right there.

Ask her what words she'd like to learn to spell, show her how to spell them, and then test her in a couple of days. I'd suggest a list as long as her age at a time, about 5 words per test cycle.

Add the words to a little dictionary and review the cumulative list from time to time. When her interest lags, let it drop. This is kindergarten, after all.



Anonymous said...

That's great advice. Nothing wrong with it. The nice thing is letting the child choose their own words, and drop it if they lose interest.

If the motivation is from the child and not external then she should do fine.

Dan Gurney said...

Yes, internal motivation is key: INTERNAL.

External motivation is not the way to go.

Barbra Stephens said...

Yep..I agree with you there. Gives them a foundation for a love of spelling and the child feels empowered. Nothing wrong with that...