Thursday, November 12, 2009


First off, thanks to all of you who offered to help me with the computer problem. It appears to be dead. I'm going to bring in my 6 year-old Mac from home out of mothballs. This machine served as Soundabet's business computer for five years. It's a good old Mac that will be a major upgrade of the District's ¿ 9 ? year old Macintosh. My old Soundabet Mac ought to see me through the next few years, no problem....knock on wood.

I talked with the principal. She said the district will re-imburse me for the green mat. She's trying to find out why the handwriting books that I ordered back in September haven't arrived yet. She said that she signed the approval for both, so I guess there's some delay in the procurement department that she'll straighten out.

Sometimes red tape seems to get cut lengthwise.

I got this photo of Dylan on his snazzy new bicycle.
He's learned to ride recently...ain't that something?

These guys are happy now. We used our imaginations to provide
more roles than Batman and Robin for these cyclist/actors.
Colton became Batman's father and supplier of income.
Justin was, I think, the Chief of Police of Gotham City.
Brenden and others were willing to take the villains' roles...

We spent some time down at the creek getting to know the critters who live there.
Many kids are afraid to touch caterpillars, beetles, worms, and the like, so I do
what I can to help my students overcome their fears of harmless animals.

But I'm not always successful. Shelby wouldn't let the
caterpillar crawl on her hand. No way, José.

Finally I just had to show you some of the strings of wooden beads
the students made today. That bottom string, colorwise, is an ABCD pattern.
But shapewise it's an ABCB pattern. Or so I'm told by my more advanced scholars.

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Corinne said...

Mr. Gurney, you are a true photographer in disguise! I love your lessons on practical knowledge and experience. Shelby likes to play coy, but believe it or not...when she puts aside her girlie act, she loves to get down and dirty. Carving pumpkins was a prime example, when she couldn't wait to feel the mush.... yet, I had to clean out her brothers when he didn't want to get all gooy. Their reversal of gender roles always takes me for surprise given their personalities.