Thursday, November 5, 2009


I'm delighted with the ever-increasing sophistication of patterning. I beginning to see lots of patterns more elaborate than the simple AB patterns we see earlier in the year and also much more attention to shape. Here' a photo of a few of the patterns the students did today:

You can see that the first two patterns are ABC. The orange string shows priority given to shape over color. It's an AB pattern, yes, but it is unusual to see this.

Finally check out the final string. It's an ABBCDD pattern. Yes!

We also enjoyed our fifth grade buddy time. My group went to the garden and I took Ms. Deay's group. The buddy partners worked together to solve tangram puzzles. The students, in both kindergarten and fifth grade, really like their buddy time.

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Mrs. Cassidy said...

Great patterns, kindergarten kids. I'm very impressed. You have been learning a lot!