Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Arrrgh! Computers!

I went in this Veteran's Holiday morning to work. Report cards and conferences are coming soon and I need also to plan for the weeks ahead.

And guess what? My classroom computer died.

Great. Do I think it will get fixed or replaced? Well.....

I'm almost afraid to ask.
Let's not even think about what's been lost on the hard drive....



Corinne said...

Hi Dan:
Sorry to hear of your frusturations..... but quite honestly, I like to hear them. Knowing produces minds working together to find solutions.
I have quite a few computer resources. Gene (shelby's dad) is a computer tech, and I'm sure he'd be happy to see if he can fix it and spare you and the school the expense. If it can't be fixed, techsoup (a non-profit resource) is offering laptops for about $200 and no .... they are not trash. :) Or there is the computer recycling center that usually will donate re-furbished computers to schools. Maybe this would have been better talked about in person. For immediate need, and less research I have an older (3.5 years old) one that you are welcome too.

Cate's Folly said...

I'm glad to find your blog!

I wanted to drop a note to see if you've see this new book written by kindergarten teacher Helene Coffin called EVERY CHILD A READER, just put out by Scholastic? It's a detailed curriculum for how to teach reading using poems.

I wish I could buy this for every kindergarten teacher in the world.

I review the book here:

Just thought you and your readers might be interested.

Best to you,


Dan Gurney said...

Corinne, thanks for that. I've got an old Mac at home I'll probably just bring to school if the one at school cannot be brought back from the dead. I'm Mac bound at this point.

Thanks for your email.

Dan Gurney said...

Cate, I'm not acquainted with that book. I'll see if I can use my bonus points to get a copy of it. Sounds good. I love love love poetry.