Sunday, November 29, 2009

100 Sight Words

In my classroom I have a collection of 100 flash cards with words written on one side and the corresponding picture on the other.

We've got a number of students in class who are looking for new hurdles to jump over, so I'm offering this one: Learn to read all of these words. Brenden's already over this hurdle and I believe there are a half dozen or so others who are eager for the challenge.

Here's the list, too small to read until you give it a click:


Kerri Petersen said...

Thanks for posting...Dylan's been asking me to check your blog every day!

Dan Gurney said...

Hi Kerri,

You're welcome! Sorry it took me so long to put up there. My guess is that Dylan will have this list wired within the week, if not before.

Kerri Petersen said...

He's done with it! First time, only one that hung him up was book - he said boo k . Oh and table, he said tab el. He said the King of English says it that way. All others he got. I said how did you know that was octopus he said he just knew.

Dan Gurney said...

Good old Dylan. I knew he could do it!