Thursday, October 8, 2009

Writing the Letter H

Today we practiced writing the uppercase letter H using our slate chalkboards.

We began with the standard, classical letter form, as called for in the handwriting program:

And, as usual, we did 100 of these ordinary H's. It's my way of letting the class hear the numbers 1 through 100 on a daily basis, plus getting everyone to write the letter four times or so.

After the ordinary H's, we made some "ghost" H's by using the eraser to form the letter on a board covered in chalk:

And then the fun began. We imagined other sorts of H's. Happy ones, spooky ones,


When we added emotion to the letters, the students enjoyment of handwriting increased exponentially. We spent twice as long (and had more than twice the fun) in our handwriting lessons compared to most days. It actually made us late for our meeting with the fifth grade buddies, and despite rushing through snack time, our buddies had to wait patiently for us to be ready for them.

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