Saturday, October 17, 2009

Week in Review

It's been a busy week in kindergarten.

I'm always amazed at how much better kids do when their own genius is allowed to unfold. Alissa made this design with the pattern blocks all by herself.

The photo of the empty tables there was taken Thursday. If you wonder why I took it, look under the tables. See the kids huddled there? Thursday was our first "Duck and Cover" drill as part of a statewide earthquake preparedness exercise. Our class performed well. The drill went according to plan.

It's been a busy week. As I indicated in the last post, math activities emphasized teens. We've still got a number of students who don't really understand them. This activity involved drawing a card with a number on it and making something out of the linking cubes with that many cubes. Justin got it right. So did Gavin.

Parents, can your child count objects up to 20?

Can your child read this list of numbers accurately?

18,   12,   15,   19,   11,   17,   13,   16,   14,   10

If your child cannot read these numbers with confidence, please offer your child some additional practice at home. You can make up some at-home flash cards and go for it. We'll be moving along, mathwise, and we don't want to leave anyone behind....

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