Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wear Red Wednesday

Tomorrow's one of our spirit days. Folks from "Red Ribbon Week" will be by to look at our doors and see who's wearing red.

Frankly, I think anti-drug programs don't have a place in kindergarten. Using drugs illegally just isn't on most kindergartners minds. So programs like Red Ribbon Week whose basic message is "Don't Do Drugs" don't work very well. It's because the human mind just doesn't work that way.

If I say, "Don't think of a green elephant in a tutu," guess what shows up in your mind?

Yes, a green elephant in a tutu.

So we play it really low key in kindergarten.

Other news:

Shelby mastered the Soundabet in Uppercase today. Yeah, Shelby. I forgot to give her the prize: her own deck of Soundabet Queen's cards. Please remind me.

Corinne, see my comment on the Green Mat post.

Bye for now....

1 comment:

Barbra Stephens said...

Hooorah for you, Mr. Kindergarten! Red ribbons have no place in preschool, either. I would rather have the elephant in the tutu, actually...more educational...
Hoorah for you-Shelby...you are a lucky girl.