Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Humble Pie Restaurant

Josh Norwitt and Dan McCann in the kitchen

Looking for a great place to eat?

Check out Humble Pie Restaurant in Penngrove.

Humble Pie has tons of Dunham School connections. Most of the food is organically grown on a 160 acre ranch just down Roblar Road from the school.

Sam's dad, Dan Mc Cann, is one of the chefs. Sam's mom went to Dunham, too! I remember her from kindergarten.

The head waiter, Josh Norwitt, is a veteran of Mr. Gurney's kindergarten (and sixth grade, back in the day).

But the food! The food! The food!

The food! It's simply the best. My wife Sarah and I went to Humble Pie for brunch this morning. We began by splitting the best—and freshest—cinnamon roll I've ever tasted. It was sooo good.

After the cinnamon roll came breakfast. I had Shepard's Hash made with lamb from the Roblar ranch. It came with fresh organic scrambled eggs, hot buttered toast with a small bowl of homemade berry jam (you can taste the homemade difference) and fruit. Every bite was scrumptious.

You can feel good about eating food that is so local, so organic, and so made with love and care.

We can't wait to go back for dinner.

Here's a link to their website: Humble Pie. Check out that link.


Kerri Petersen said...

Awesome! Funny timing, as I was just hearing about this place and then just yesterday was driving through Penngrove and said, Oh, Humble Pie, I've heard of this place and then right there on your blog, and the connection to Sam!

Dan Gurney said...

Hi, Kerri—

I hope you'll try it. I'm still thinking about that delicious cinnamon roll. If you like *old fashioned* down-home American food, I think you'll like Humble Pie. Check out their website. There are some pictures of Sam if you go through the photo link.

Kerri Petersen said...

Thanks, saw the photos. I'll have to buy a pie from them for sure too!

Christa said...

Hi Mr. Gurney,

After reading about your breakfast @ Humble Pie and the cinnamon rolls, I just had to try it. We went this morning and had both the roll and the eggs benedict. Everything was wonderful! We will definitely be going back for dinner. Thanks for the recommendation and for providing a way to help our Dunham families.


Dan Gurney said...

Hi, Christa,

I'm glad you gave HP a try. I'm glad you liked it too. We really want to go back for dinner, but whoa, it's hard for us to find time to get away from Sebastopol, especially in the evenings. Someday....

Hope Stephen is adding to his Soundabet practice deck.