Friday, October 30, 2009

The Halloween Parade

These students returned to school to join the Halloween Parade this afternoon.

Thanks to the room parents for a great Halloween snack and party this morning. I'd like to pass along Michelle Lorenz's thank you's here:

I wanted to send a thank you to everyone for all your help today.
Thank you to Tracey and Kerri Petersen for the yummy snacks.
Thank you to Hunter's Family for providing delicious and beautifully decorated cupcakes.
Thank you to Maddison's Family for the great goodie bag.
Thank you to April, Shelley, Tracey, Jennifer, Mrs.Frech and Mr.Gurney for the fun games. 
The kids had so much fun because of you.
Michelle Lorenz

Have a great weekend.


dtarca said...

How come as a now 1st grade parent the Kindergartners look so small now? :) They were the cutest bunch!

Dan Gurney said...

Hi, Debbie— Thanks for leaving a comment. Yes, the kindergarteners are really cute...I think because they are so small. But first graders are cute too. We had a wonderful Halloween at school and I was amazed that at the end of the day I had enough ooomph left to sketch out my plans for next week. Usually after the Halloween party I'm toast.
Have a great weekend.