Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday: Bikes, Art, and A Look at the word, "Tooth"

It's Monday, so that means we rode bikes. Kailee learned how to ride on two wheels over the weekend and was eager to show off her new abilities to her classmates. Here she is riding on the playground. A bit later she took a spill and got a scrape on her hand, but I hope she'll be back in the saddle on Thursday.

For homework tonight, please encourage your child to draw a caterpillar. We drew caterpillars today as practice for tomorrow. Tomorrow the students will draw a caterpillar again. That image will be sent off to a factory where it will be made into a refrigerator magnet. You will be able to order the image on a number of other items, too. It's all part of a PTO fundraiser.

This chart shows how the Soundabet works. The word at the top is (obviously) "tooth." The next level down shows the three sounds in "tooth" broken apart into pieces. "Tooth" has three sounds: /t/ /oo/ and /th/. The Soundabet makes that very clear by showing each speech sound on its own card.

The lowest level shows the letters. Here, are five sounds that don't add up to "tooth." Instead, since there are five cards, each must sound separately: /t/, /o/, (as is octopus) /o/, (as in octopus) /t/, and /h/ (as in house). Students who were listening closely to our discussion to day will be able to read you each of these three levels: the whole word, "tooth"; the word broken in three parts, /t/ /oo/ /th/; and each of the five letters sounded separately /t/ /o/ /o/ /t/ /h/. Each level will sound different.

See if your child can do this.

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