Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Homework and Home discussion of chart

Tonight's homework looks like this:

(Click for a larger view.)

Counting things reinforces the counting sequence and is an easy way to investigate the world using numerical concepts like "greater than" "more" "less" "smallest" and so on.

Tonight's homework gets your child going in an easy way. Encourage your child to take larger or smaller steps (we did this in class) to see how it affects the final count. If you miss the due date, I encourage you to do it anyway.

Savannah's dad, Spencer, taught Savannah how to ride a bike over the weekend. She showed off her new skills today. She rode with poise and confidence. Congratulations to both Spencer and Savannah.

(Click for a larger view.)

We made this chart of birthday months today. Help your child discover the answers to questions about the chart to help him or her learn to interpret information shown on chart like this. Suggested questions:

(Remember, your child will probably need some help—like reading the names of the months—to answer these questions.)

Which month has the most kindergartners birthdays?

Which two months are tied for second place?

Three months have three kindergarten birthdays. Which are they?

Which months have only one birthday in them?

Mr. Gurney added his card after school. What month is his birthday?

Look at the word, "August" on the chart in the photo. What's the third letter?


Tammie said...

Mr Gurney,
Jacob started Hillcrest Middle School- wow, it seems like just yesterday Dale and I attended the back to school night when he was starting Kindergarten. I remember you telling us parents how you were sending your oldest off to college. I enjoy reading your blogs and seeing the children. I know how passionate you are about teaching and it shows!
One of the first comments Jacob made after his first day of 7th grade was that half his teachers were male. Wish we could clone you Mr Gurney! Thank you for your passion!
Tammie Keithley

Dan Gurney said...

Hi, Tammie— Thank you for leaving a comment! It's nice to hear from my readers, and this group of readers is a taciturn bunch. Anyway, tell Jacob Hello from Mr. Gurney. Maybe I'll still be around when Aidan comes along...